What is Roosted all about anyway?

This is Part 1 of a four part series on the Genesis of Roosted – this post is about what Roosted stands for, followed by a little about me (the author), who Roosted is for and its initial origin story.

The Concept of Settling

 To understand Roosted, I first want to introduce you to a concept I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. It is the concept of settling.

Somewhat negative in connotation; settling generally refers to accepting less than best, or about ‘making do’.

But, rather than think of settling as lowering ambition or as second best, I want to encourage thinking about settling as a positive phenomenon.

Settling into life.

Getting your life into a shape that makes it one worth settling for.

Most people will consider ‘settling down’ to happen within the context relationship, marriage, 2.4 kids and a 4X4 car in the suburbs. That’s cool. But why should we wait for someone else to enter our life in order to ‘settle’ into it?

How about choosing to settle into a life you love now instead of thinking what will happen when xyz comes into it.

Our generation rarely settles

Settling is the antithesis of our fast moving lifestyles and the life-as-a-subscription service we have on offer.

We live in an instant gratification culture that expects to get what we want, and when we want it.

Settling is the antidote to a version of life often glamourized by our digital generation. Its the opposite of the lifestyle that entrepreneurs traveling the world heralding the nomad status tell you is right, as they travel with nothing but a laptop and selfie stick hashtagging ‘yolo’ across social media platforms. 

We don’t have the same stability that the generation before us had access to.

We are generation rent.

We are in student loan debt.

We can work from anywhere with technology.

We can download anything we want from the Internet, making it all too easily disposed of; including a relationship. 

But a life full of weak ties with a ‘return the next day’ attitude inevitably comes to us at a cost, with subtle but significant consequences.

Without the need to put down roots we inevitably have weaker ties to places, and to the people in them. 

We aren’t truly known.

We lack a sense of true identity or purpose.

We have no sense of community or neighbourly ties. 

We are lonelier than ever than ever before.

We live in a perpetual state of FOMO: seeing the lives of others online and believing their version is better than ours.

Because we can change it all up at the drop of a hat, then we’re rarely forced to truly look at the circumstances of our lives as they are and ask ourselves the important questions.

Asking of yourself, who am I and what do I really care about? What are my core values? What am I good at? What are my blindspots? 

The genesis of Roosted is to explore how to design a life worth settling into. 

It is about ourselves first and foremost and our sense of identity and belonging to who we are, but extends to our homes, or careers, relationships, passions and routines. 

I hope you’ll join me on the journey. 

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