Who Roosted Is For

This is Part 3 of a four part series on the Genesis of Roosted – what Roosted is about, followed by a little about me (the author), this is about who Roosted is for and next more about the origin story.

At its core..

Roosted is about learning how to “adult” well by designing a life you want to settle into.

Roosted is for anyone grappling with the big decisions about how to live their life as well as some of the more practical stuff that goes alongside it. 

We’ll be talking finances, careers, goal setting, relationships, identifying passion, daily routine and health. Basically stuff as humans we have to get our heads around. 

I wanted to create a platform to consider these areas of our lives in detail as well as provide a space for people to ask questions they are grappling with and seek support in answering. 

You’ll get to know me pretty well along the way, as more than anything, Roosted is a space for my own self expression.

Blogging is a tool I am deploying in my own journey towards finding routine, analysing what I’m passionate about and seeking a stronger sense of purpose and identity.

Blogging is the accountability I need to create habits and consistency in a life found severely lacking.

Truly, I’ll need you as a community more than you’ll need me. 

As I buy my first home, do it up, I’ll be sharing snippets of this: I love interior design and second hand shopping, so you can expect a lot of this.

But I’m also learning how to be an adult. As Part 1 explains, this is about accepting and settling into my position of basing myself in Hackney for the foreseeable future. I will be designing my life, and thinking about what this concept of life design means with you as the reader along the way because I know there are others who will be asking themselves the same questions in their own lives.

Together we will explore topics like:

  • Building a community
  • Creating a nest egg by investing in your future self 
  • Identifying your true passion and calling 
  • Creating meaningful relationships with others 
  • Choosing and setting up the right career path 
  • Gaining greater self-awareness
  • Finding the right life partner 
  • Reducing daily digital distractions
  • Building better habits and daily routines

Look forward to getting to know you along the way and hearing what big life questions you are asking too!

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