The Google Search History of a First Time Buyer

Buying and moving into my home solo, I’ve faced questions I’ve never had to ask about before. 

Who better to help me and my ignorance in these matters than our good friend, Google. At 2 weeks in, here’s what I’ve been searching. 

Some helpful, some trivial, some ridiculous… I’ve shared the inquires alongside my summary of my learnings for anyone else interested.


Q: Why are curtains so ugly
A: didn’t quite get a straight answer on this one…

Q: Why is wicker so expensive
A: the woven nature makes it pretty durable apparently… lasts forever. But seriously, even second-hand rattan is spenny!

Image result for wicker shelves

Q: How to measure curtains
A: measure the pole and double it, and add 2.5cm (how would anyone have known this?!)

Q: What does a radiator cover do
A: looks nicer and helps to distribute heat

Q: Can I put yogurt in my eggs
A: yes! (I didn’t have milk) here’s the recipe:

Q: How big is a courier van with Addison Lee
A: they are like a big family sized car

like this:

like this:

Q: What is x m in feet
A: have never converted more measurements in my life

Q: Track package!?
A: so. many. deliveries.

Q: Types of tiled flooring
A: LVT, laminate, wood, vinyl… paralysis of choice and your decision really depends on style budget and whether you see it as an investment piece

Q: cost of tiled flooring
A: good luck getting a straight answer to this.

Q: do you need a professional to lay down tiles
A: no, if you trust yourself, but yes, if you don’t

Q: fitted wardrobe cost
A: from £1,500 —and into the many thousands (depends on size and complexity)

Q: toolbox near me
A: Amazon, lol

Q: cool or warm white LED bulbs best for kitchen
A: cool generally chosen in kitchens, but both are fine 

Q: tiny outdoor balcony chairs
A: no, not children’s size.. these are actually called ‘bistro sets’

here’s the one I opted for:

Kingfisher Turquoise Metal Bistro Set

Q: can I get away with a small ironing board
A: What I meant was whether the mini ones are any good? I didn’t figure this one out 

Q: can you put wicker in a bathroom
A: seems to be ok…

Q: should I buy a sofa second hand
A: I was concerned about dust mites (am allergic) and have decided to go new just in case 

Q: what is the rug named that looks Moroccan
A: there are too many to name, but turns out they don’t have very consistent names

like this?!

Image result for loughlam rug

like this?!

Q: where can I buy wooden crates
A: everywhere — but they are not cheap!

Q: good kitchen bin
A: Simplehuman is good (not to be confused with superhuman as I accidentally got confused)

Q: is a 20l microwave big enough
A: depends what you want it for — but in most small households yes 

Q: solar light indoors
A: What I’d meant was to find SAD (seasonal affective disorder) lamps known as light therapy — to go in the dark dark bedroom….

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