Unexpected Consequences Of Buying a Home

Its been just over 1 month since moving into my place.

Overall, I’m thrilled. For the first 24 hours I had a mild panic: what the hell have I done. But now, I am feeling good. Settled, content and at peace.

I’ve learnt a few things along the way which I thought noteworthy for anyone else going through the same journey (or about to).

Bare Necessities 

Having only lived in rentals or parents homes until now, I had taken for granted just how essential some home essentials are. From drying racks for the sink and clothing to loo roll holders, cutlery, wastepaper bins, curtains.. not having any of these things really threw my day to day functioning as a human being. Borderline obsessed, for a couple of weekends in a row I was unable to think about anything other than finding these things so I could live live a normal person again. (NB this is a tad dramatic, but it really took over my conscious waking thoughts).

flamingo illustration with brown frame on wall

Nowhere to store my… memory?

For a while, I had zero storage. Books, clothes, paper, toiletries, it was all living in heaps of piles around the place. Whilst this mess was an issue in and of itself, another issue I didn’t anticipate would be how forgetful it caused me to become. Because places didn’t have a ‘home’ I plonked them anywhere, to then later forget where. All this mental load taken up just thinking about where items were caused me to become forgetful in other areas of my life too. Sorry to anyone who had a birthday lately! 

My body was confused

Probably due to the stress of moving, I found an unexpected reaction from my body during the process of buying. I was 3 weeks late on my period, which never happens. The gym and healthy eating took a bit of a backseat. Ok a lot. When the gym instructor calls across the gym floor “where have you been I’ve not seen you in ages” you know you’ve been found out.

Learning the art of patience

Usually a fairly impatient person in some areas of my life, I have learned (well am trying) to practice the art of patience. Patience around buying furniture, and knowing where it all goes, has been hard. You can’t and won’t know what you need straight away and have to live in a space to understand what is missing or will suit your style. But rushing and buying the wrong thing is not a good position to be in. Case in point my current bed, it’s really short (I bought in a hurry and didn’t measure). 

three pink petaled flowers in clear glass bulb vases

There are some gross bits

When the whole place is yours, that means even the bits you don’t want to have to deal with are your problem. Toilet seat fixtures breaking, extractor fans full of dead skin. I’ve been dealing with it all, and I’m sure there will be more to come.

People are nice

OK so I knew this already, but really, I was so blown away by how nice everyone has been when I tell them about moving into my own place. It’s like I’m getting married or having a baby — lots of flowers, cards, offers to help and so on. Which is cool. Thank you everyone ❤

Overall — its been stressful.

But, I am loving it.

As a real homemaker, this is something I’ve dreamed of doing for years. It was only December last year I realised I could make it happen sooner than I realised thanks to the shared ownership scheme.

Thanks for following my journey and more photos to come soon!


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