Lessons I wish I’d known before being hospitalised with a kidney infection

I’m just coming out of a two week recovery window following a pretty severe time fighting off a kidney infection.

I was kept in hospital overnight as I was in a pretty bad state: body temperature reached 39.4c and Resting Heart Rate 125.

But thank you Lord, I am now well. Antibiotics and modern day medicine really are a blessing.

SO – self improvement theme continues as I write up what I have learnt through this episode.

I hope anyone reading this will avoiding making the same errors I did and have an easier time of their own potential times of ill health!

If nothing else you may find some of my experiences enjoyable to read about (if you’re a little strange and take pleasure in reading about others pain, it’s ok I get it). I’ve written this for you.


Wonder Woman and Donald Trump painting on white surface
  • You’re not super woman. You probably can’t keep up with 6 gym sessions, 4 social events, drinking and working 5, sometimes 6 days each week. Something has got to give.
  • That pain in your side is NOT just an ache from your kettle bell swing class, and no, it is not a stitch. Stitches don’t last four days and give you fever.
  • No, your skin is not always this awful it has just lost all its colour. You are grey. Not great. Grey. Get checked out.
  • Don’t go to that three hour work meeting and present, you are not well.


empty hospital bed inside room
  • If you are off to A&E you will be waiting at least three hours to be seen. Pack a bag! If you think there’s a chance you’re staying overnight then an eye mask, toiletries, PJs and in my case, teddy, won’t go a miss when you’re in strange territories.
  • You will be waiting at least three hours to be seen in A&E. Grin and bear that pain, girl. Hold back those tears they are not getting you any more attention.
  • No one really knows what is going on inside your body, not really. Just pray that things will sort themselves out eventually.
  • If the IV in your arm hurts so much you can’t sleep, its not in right. Get the nurse.
  • Ask 6 people for their advice / tell them your symptoms and you’ll hear 6 different versions of what you should be doing with yourself. Not everyone can be right. Trust your instinct and listen to your own body. No one knows that better than you.
  • Don’t try and ask or figure out what all those strange noises other patients are making are. It will freak you out and you don’t want to know, really.
  • Don’t expect to see the doctor they are elusive creatures. Make the nurse your friend.
  • Write down your post-treatment plan, you are hazy and will forget.


white and pink flowering plant
  • People will tell you to drink Cranberry juice as though it’s their inside secret. Nod and smile and resist the urge to tell them it’s too late for that. They are trying to help.
  • You cannot drink enough water. It will hurt to hold all of it inside you but you need that much water to heal. Oh and you will hear ‘are you drinking enough water?’ approximately 1056838 times from loved ones
  • Your thudding headache is a combination of super strong pain killers lowering your blood pressure, oh and caffeine withdrawals because its been 3 days since you touched any let alone drank your usual 2.5 cups a day. It’s not meningitis despite what Google is telling you.
  • People are nice and will be very accommodating with their time, let them bring you food and flowers in abundance.


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