Roosted is about how to settle into a well-designed life.

It’s a space to explore what this looks like, through the lens of me, Ellen, as I buy my first home and ask life’s important questions – both practical and profound – along the way.

Hi. I’m Ellen, a 20-something living in East London and going through the somewhat scary process of buying my first flat on my own. There’s a lot I am about to learn, so I’ve created a space online to share my experiences buying and doing up a home in London on a budget. Thrown in along the way you’ll learn more about me and some of the things I care about.

In short, I’m a self-confessed personal development nerd. I’m passionate about making the most out life and creating meaningful experiences and relationships along the way.

This blog is about settling into adulthood and writing about the lessons it teaches.

Sometimes deep, often silly, and generally fairly practical… it has four central topics, which as the author, I see as foundational to designing a life worth settling into.

Your Roost

Get your house in order. Here we talk practical stuff around money and investing in your future, with a focus on home-making and interiors as I buy and do up a home of my own.

Your Work

The work you do, whether for love or money, provides huge meaning and purpose. Here we’ll cover careers, passion projects and writing… I’m thankful these are the topics I make my own living from.

Your Inner Circle

We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. Let’s explore how we make the relationships with people in our lives work, and ensure they’re with people worth designing our lives around.

Your Time

How do you manage a life? Productivity geeks look no further. We’ll get into detail on routines, habits and schedules that help us to live life well.

I hope to connect soon and hear which areas of your own lives you are designing with intention.

Lots of love,

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