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Design your life with intention.

Roosted is a space to explore what designing a life with intention looks like, through the lens of me, Ellen, as I settle into my first home and figure out both the practical and the profound along the way.

It covers four main topics, which I believe are foundational to designing a life well.

Your Roost

Get your house in order. Here we talk practical stuff around money and investing in your future, with a focus on home-making and interiors as I buy and do up a home of my own.

Your Work

The work you do, whether for love or money, provides huge meaning and purpose. Here we’ll cover careers, passion projects and writing… I’m thankful these are the topics I make my own living from.

Your Inner Circle

We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. Let’s explore how we make the relationships with people in our lives work, and ensure they’re with people worth designing our lives around.

Your Time

How do you manage a life? Productivity geeks look no further. We’ll get into detail on routines, habits and schedules that help us to live life well.

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