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“Design your life with intention”

Roosted began as an aspirational dream: a place from which I intended to share what I’d learnt about life as a new homeowner, and how I had curated my life into a state of organisational oblivion and how that perfection had extended into all areas of my life.

Fast forward 5 months since launching, none of that remains quite the case.

Instead, I’m slowly seeing the error of my ways.

I can’t control what happens across these areas of my life (work, relationships, health). I can however, write about what lessons I’m learning.

What Roosted still remains to be about, is settling into my new home and life along the way. But rather than settling into my magazine centrefold version of life, I’ll learn how to settle into all of life’s messy and unpredictable realities.

I can’t promise regular updates but I can promise to share honestly. I hope you’ll join me on the journey.

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